Review of The Odd Couple - June 2012
Couple. This was billed as the "female" version, which had intrigued us.

We’ve lived in the village for over 30 years and have seen quite a few productions by the Players. This surpassed all of them.

The first half comprised excellent performances by 6 ladies (New Yorkers, in various stages of inebriation) at a girlie-night supper
allowing them to complain about the men (or lack of them) in their lives. The twist came when the optimistic one set up a joint
dinner date for the divorced, lonely one with 2 Spanish men living in their apartment block.
The second half saw great barn-storming performances from James Crofts and Paul Lovett as the comedy Spaniards, with the
usual misunderstandings and double-entendres (accompanied by knowing winks from the Spaniards), not to mention the
An appreciative audience seemed to enjoy the whole play - it was an excellent choice for the players’ production.

CR  (
First Published in "Parish Link" June 2012 - the Westoning & Tingrith parish news - see left)
Email:- Re "Owl & Pussycat" .....  5/12/2012   Subject: Had a great time...
Fab production as usual.....excellent casting/ costumes and pace throughout. My little guests were enthralled and that's what
it's all about. PLEASE pass on my congrats x
(From Sue Tubb, Actress,  grandmother, former WP...)
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Post-show Feedback from Colin Calvert - Author of "Building Bridges" April 2013
I have seen 5 other local UK productions...and I enjoyed this one most!
When I write, I always have pictures and voices and situations in my head... And this production exceeded even my looniest
moments. Brilliant!
All in all, we really enjoyed the evening...and even a non-gluten meal!
Congratulations to all....and thank you
Agatha Crusty and the Village Hall Murders  - April 2015 - audience feedback from J. Saunders

We thoroughly enjoyed the Production, the cast were excellent and all who were associated with Agatha Crusty and the Village
Hall Murders gave their all.
Please pass on our congratulations and best wishes to the Company.
Agatha Crusty and the Village Hall Murders  - 16th to 18th April 2015 Sue Tubb ( former active member, now a Patron)
Having seen and been in many amateur productions over the years,it seems to me that often the cast are having all the fun!Not so
in this production! What a great evening's entertainment and along with everyone else in the audience, I had a great time last
Friday evening.
Whoever did the casting is to be congratulated. All the actors were playing to their strengths with great comedic timing,excellent
cue bite and fast pace of delivery from them all.Some actors took on bigger roles this time and showed they could do it and do it
well. Particular "Congrats " to them but also brave newcomers and our longer term actors, who always surprise me with their
versatility, all suitably dressed and totally in character as always. A simple set yes,but exactly as it should be....evoking every village
hall I have ever seen.Direction and production, lighting and sound,scene changers and prompt,all seemingly effortlessly done and
mostly unseen,but I know how much preparation and hard work that takes....well done to you too.
Finally, punctuate the evening with some yummy food and a raffle "done and dusted" quickly and WESTONING PLAYERS have
done it again! My only regret is that I wasn't in it!
Agatha Crusty & the VHM (crit by JT) - April 2015
A great deal of fun was to be had at Westoning Village Hall last weekend when the Players performed “Agatha Crusty and the
Village Hall Murders”. The play’s many scenes were punctuated by breaks for two courses of food and, of course, visits to the bar,
but the momentum was maintained and our detection skills stretched to the limit as the improbable murder count increased.
Agatha Crusty, capably played by Jan Crofts as a sweetly intelligent visitor to the village, was always one step ahead of D.I. Twigg
who had the major responsibility of the bulk of the dialogue, chock full of amusing malapropisms. It was no mean feat to get all
those complicated lines under his belt and Phil Bonner, a newcomer to the Westoning stage, managed the task admirably,
coming across as a dopey Arthur Mullard type with some good comic touches.
We had lovely comedy playing too from James Crofts, as the hall caretaker, and Bruce Masters, as the ineffectual vicar, both well-
known comic stereotypes called for by Derek Webb’s script. More conventional playing was required from Sam Cullen as Alice
and Nita Foster as Eleanor to keep the plot moving and the audience guessing, and it was good to see the transformation of
Maisie, the typical charlady, (Jennie Edwards), into a wild-eyed mad assassin at the denoument.
Full marks go especially to Bernice Kild / Neil Debrick in the dual role of siblings Olivia and Oliver, whose swift costume, wig and
makeup changes backstage and increasingly manic appearances onstage kept us laughing.
There were nice cameos from Suzanne Marlow as Isabella, Claire Jones as Mandy and Barry Rosovske as the local bobby, as
well as Dave Loader playing the non-speaking role of Mortimer Gascoigne’s corpse in the cupboard.
Director Paul Lovett, ably assisted by Claire Jones, clearly understood the genre and got the best out of a large and varied cast.
Moving 12 actors around on the tiny Westoning stage was never going to be an easy job! A few fluffed lines here and there, the
odd slow cue bite and occasional upstaging were unimportant in this light-hearted romp which fully succeeded in its intention to
entertain and help us forget the coming election for a few hours!
Congratulations to all!  
Going Postal Play Comparison by Colin Hicks
© Colin Hicks and http://discworldmonthly.co.uk/
Going Postal adapted by Stephen Briggs and performed by the Westoning Players; Bedfordshire.
In November I caught the performance given by the Westoning Players in Bedfordshire.
This performance being held in a village hall they had a small, more traditional stage. But it in some ways it probably made it
easier to produce this play. There was a lot of running into the isles and using the hall doors. But they were also able to go
vertically using the stage's trapdoor which was useful for Moist's escape and the roof of the Post Office scenes.
The two titular characters, Moist and the Patrician - without whom you don't really have a play - were played quite differently, than
the other version (that I saw recently at Cardiff).  Moist - Neil Debrick - looked to be in his early 30s and a bit - worldly wise. This
still works for the character as we can well imagine Moist's life as a con man lasting 10-15 years before Vetinari catches up with
him. The Patrician here was played by Barry Walden, a much older man, probably nearer the "book age" of Vetinari and he played
him loud voiced and domineering. Literally leaning over Moist at one point. But these two have some of the best scenes together,
the word play between them is wonderful (Mr Briggs of course lifting it straight from the novel). I suspect some may have
preferred this older Patrician... (my companion with me in Cardiff thought the actor there too young.)  This being a smaller cast
quite a few of the parts had to be shared and many had to be gender swapped. Both Mr Groat, Stanley, Drumknott & Mr Pony were
played by women. And it worked; particularly with Mr Groat and Stanley, it doesn't matter what sex they are.  All in all, this was an
excellent production and I was very glad to have my expectations proved wrong. It doesn't matter whether you are a larger group
with some resources or a small village group, if you have a great cast then these plays (or any for that matter) will work.
from 2 friends (of our prompt), from Maulden, (Friday night)
“A huge thank you to Westoning Players for the most amazing and entertaining evening on Friday. How on earth do you all
remember so many lines? The production had us on the edge of our seats and of course we had no inkling of the real villain
(ess). We look forward to future productions!”
from Pat Struthers
Many congratulations to you and everyone for such a splendid evening.
We really enjoyed it.  Best wishes to you all.
Murder Backstage - Nov2017
from Brian and Sue Winterson
It was a superb evening's entertainment. We thoroughly enjoyed the set and the performance of everyone.
Please thank everyone involved .
Brian & Sue
Murder Backstage - Nov2017  from Helen Armitage
What a wonderful evening ..
I so enjoyed it, the standard is so very high...
Why would people go to the west end when there are such excellent  productions here ...
Jack Of Diamonds - APRIL 2018
I was at last nights performance of Jack of Diamonds and I should like to congratulate you all on such a marvellous performance.
You did mention when you dropped off my ticket that it was very funny. That is an understatement, it was brilliant and had the
whole audience in hysterics which I am sure you all soon noticed.
Thank you so much Westoning Players for a fantastic evening and I wish I was coming back to see tonight's performance.
Jackie Lee
Date: December 2018
Subject: "Treasure Island" - NOV/DEC 2018
An exciting adventure on the high seas with swashbuckling pirates; a map to find
buried treasure; an innocent hero surviving treacherous plotting to win his girl....
What's not to like?
Westoning Players, in the safe hands of director Jennie Edwards, gave us the
well-known story, with the addition of musical numbers, and an excellent
entertainment it was!
Costumes, makeup, props, scenery and a well-rehearsed cast all worked well to
give a thoroughly engaging performance.

Great fun!
Jackie Tanswell
Jack Of Diamonds - APRIL 2018
Roger and I would like to thank you all for another brilliant production.
You certainly did the 'British Premiere' justice and was definitely thoroughly enjoyed by all the audience. Although it was probably
quite stressful at times during rehearsals, we hope you enjoyed entertaining us. Now looking forward to the next experience.
"Treasure Island" - NOV/DEC 2018
I took my two teenagers along to see Treasure Island and we all thoroughly enjoyed
it. My daughter wasn’t expecting to see a pirate go for a wee on stage and perhaps
none of us were, but this however didn’t detract too much from a really enjoyable
afternoon full of laughs.
Great performances throughout but the look on my daughters face when she
suddenly realised what said pirate was
(seeming to be) doing will keep me chuckling
until your next offering, thank you.