We have a lot of fun and satisfaction in our Amateur Drama..3
  You don't have to step in the LimeLight to be a valued part of our drama  group....
                 (... we have plenty of "Prima Donnas" already - and that's just the blokes!)

Westoning Players also seek people with desire, the skills and aptitude in :-

# Directing "The Director is someone who supervises the actors and the action of the play or show..."
# Producing  "The producer organises and co-ordinates the non-acting aspects with the director."
# Stage-managing/scenery-shifting
# Script-writing, story-adaptation and sketch creation.
# Scenery-construction – wood-working, painting & sewing, cutting & sticking, nailing and screwing...
# Helping backstage at rehearsals & performances, ensuring people & things go where they should
# Creating stage properties (props) and "dressing" the sets with appropriate "clutter" and detail.
# Design/make/fit/maintaining/washing/cleaning costumes and accessories
# Designing/adapting/applying make-up, wigs and prosthetics
# Selling raffle tickets at performances, or serving tea, nuts, chocolate, wine, beer and sympathy
# Catering in the kitchen – rehearsals as well as performances!
# Watching rehearsals – constructive comment always welcome
# Helping behind the bar at performances
# Helping the audience find their seats and acting as public safety guides
# Collecting coffee money ………….. the list is pretty-much endless.

Come on down and have a chat. On a Thursday evening between 8pm - 10pm
NB: Experience coping with the following would be very useful :-
         - Terrible-Twos Tantrums,
         - Teenage Angst, etc

Endless patience and ability to cope with Sociopathic Egos and Megalomania is desirable. (This is show business after all.)

         .... as would be Care of the Elderly ... (joke)  but we do provide on-the-job learning.        :-)

                                                                                            WPs call it participation.....

                                 Please come on DOWN... and "sink or swim"... at the deep end ... with the rest of us.

Laughter is therapeutic. Giggling releases endorphins.
     (Hysteria is optional.)

          PS: Strong pharmaceutical preparations are a very useful adjunct.... under medical supervision of course.
                 Or alcohol in moderation. (Mine's a pint of Guiness. And I'm only the website bloke!)
  Our Cast for Treasure Islandy
 Alex Ford                            ….. Jim Hawkins
 Barry Walden                      …. Capt. Smollet/Ben Gunn
 Bruce Masters                     …. George Merry/Billy Bones
 James Crofts                       … Black Dog/ Senorita Rita Conchita Pirata Consumada de Cerveza y Doritos
 Paul Lovett                          … Israel Hands
 Phil Bonner                         …  Blind Pugh/ Long John Silver
 Brian Matthews                    … Old Joe
 Ken Jones                           … Nathaniel Crisp
 Stuart Williams                    … Gentleman Hardy
 Jan Crofts                           … The Parrot (a.k.a. Colin the Parrot Pirate)
 Natalie Laycock                  … Lady Trelawney
 Asha Hunt                           … Lucinda Livesey
 Suzanne Marlow                  … Meg Trueblood , landlady
 Nita Foster                         … Piccadilly  Poll
 Claire Jone                        … Shoreditch Sal
 Sheila Walden                  … Nightingale Nell
 Christine Morton                … Harriet Flashey

 The Crew will be listed here... SOON...when they've all signed on! ARRRHH!
 If YOU would like to be involved with this show, please contact us:-
      # 1. by coming on down one Thursday evening. (Coffee break's at 8:45 - 9pm)
      # 2. Or get in touch by email...
EMAIL .....  Click the link below.

WP e-link

Please include your name and your  email address,

When you want to come to visit one of our club-nights, you could find it a bit daunting to be coming in "cold".

We can phone you first and set up a "sponsor" who will host your first visit. Send us a phone number and
give a time -of -day to call. We will phone you to chat about WP's and break the ice.

Or, just come on Down!