WP Spring events      Jack of Diamonds.
   Thursday and Monday rehearsals until the show.
                                      SUNDAY afternoon rehearsal
25th March 2pm; 8th & 18th April.

      Set Build weekend is Fri 20 & Sat 21 April
                  Technical Rehearsal on
Sunday 22nd
                  Dress Rehearsal will be Wednesday 25th April

     Thursday 26th April - Performance
     Friday 27th April - Performance
     Saturday 28th April - Performance
                                                                      Sunday - 29th April - clear up the hall
Westoning Players Event Calendar 41st season = Sep 2016 - Aug 2017 >
in Westoning
Big Screen movies
on the last
Friday evening... at

Westoning Village
NEXT FILM will be
Friday 23rd Feb. 2018
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The 42nd WP AGM was held Monday 27/07/16 @ Westoning Village Hall.

People tend not to come to AGMs because they think they are going to be boring … or that they might have
their arms twisted to become a committee member!  Our AGMs are usually light-hearted and don't last long,
followed by drinks and nibbles and chat.  
The committee was elected en-masse as there were no other nominees and all of last year's committee were
quite happy to continue (see list below)
We decided to choose two charities to support over the coming year …
- the Bedford Hospitals Charity, run by volunteers to fund hospital projects, and,
- the Pancreatic Research Fund in memory of Denis Allen, former member who died of this disease recently.
     We will split any spare funds between them 50/50.
                                                             As a start, we will donate each £50.00
2017/18 WP Committee
The four named officers, Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and Membership Secretary, continue in their roles (Nita, Barry,
Sheila and Claire).  
Jan, James, Neil and Paul continue as ordinary committee members.
 [Please click  to Page:  WP_Structure   for more info.]
Subscriptions remain the same for the coming year:
i.        £15 per annum for full adult membership (over 21 years)
ii.        £8 per annum youth membership (16-21 years)
iii.        £8 per annum associate membership

17 attendees. No matters aring from 2015. Meeting finished at 20:45.
NEXT: “Jack of Diamonds” by Marcia Kash & D.E Hughes. 26 - 28 Apr 2018