Westoning Players Event Calendar 44th season = Sep 2018 - Jun 2019
in Westoning
Big Screen movies
on the last
Friday evening... at

Westoning Village
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Friday, 25th Jan 201


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The 43rd WP AGM was held Thursday 2/08/18 @ Westoning Village Hall.

Hottest AGM in living memory.
The committee was re-elected en-bloc(no new nominees) & the last committee happy to continue (see list below).
We chose Prostate Cancer & the L&D NICU charity to support over the coming year …
As a start, we will donate  £50.00p each

2018/19 WP Committee
The four named officers, Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary & Membership Secretary, continue (Nita, Barry, Sheila and Claire).  

Jan, James, Neil & Paul continue as ordinary committee members.
 [Please click  Link to "WP_Structure" Page:    for more info.]

Subscriptions remain the same for the coming year:
 i.        £15 per annum for full adult membership (over 21 years)
 ii.        £8 per annum youth membership (16-21 years)
 iii.        £8 per annum associate membership

Minor (tidying) revisions to constitution were passed. We will publish that here when typed up.

Minor changes to Patrons scheme were passed.  
[Please click    Link to "Patrons Page":   for more info.]

Meeting finished about just before 9pm. Much quenching of thirst and quaffing nibbles and chat thereafter.
WP EVENTS restart in the NEW YEAR
NEXT: "Agatha Crusty and the Health Spa Murders" by Derek Webb -  April2019
Westoning Players -  Natalie's poem
Merry Christmas players it’s that time again
When we all get fat and merrry and have a drink or ten.
It’s been such a great year 2 more shows under our belt.
The audiences did cheer no tomatoes did they pelt.
Jenny lost her memory and got hold of a gun.
Neil shacked up with Christine and they both went on the run.
Barry nearly lost a stone running round that stage.
Shelia mastered the iPad even at her age,
Next it was a musical and boy was it a lot,
Jenny wanted roughians and roughians she got.
We had Alex in the lead, in the barrel he did climb, but guys can we be quick
‘cause he’s got to go at nine.
The skirts were big as houses, we had a Spanish dame, we even had a parrot
and a pirate that was lame.
I got to sing a solo, a thing I never thought I’d do, and managed to recruit a very
hearty crew.
We had a pompous captain who was very hard to please, and another crazy
man who only wanted cheese.
Thank you for laughter, the coffee, cakes and fun I’m having such a ball, can’t
wait for the next one.