About Westoning Players
Westoning Players (What We Do)
We do drama. We do like our audiences to enjoy themselves!  They come from further afield
than just Bedfordshire, but we are basically a village society, rehearsing and performing in
Westoning Village Hall.

We regularly link with local village organizations in order to raise funds for them; recently
we raised funds with Westoning Parish Church and the WI.
In year 2015/6 we supported Help for Heroes...in 2017/18 Bedford Hospitals Charity and
PAncreatic Cnacer Research Fund.
... for 2019 it's NICU (L&D) & Prostate Cancer UK.

We've also performed interactive murder mysteries by member Claire Jones
see links on the "Contact Us" page) as supper theatre with the local WI, with
them preparing supper, running the bar and doing the tickets and other
front-of-house activities.
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Westoning Players (Who We Are)

Westoning Players are a very sociable, friendly amateur dramatic group with members from Westoning
and surrounding areas of Central Bedfordshire.

The group was formed in 1975 and we perform two or three productions a year, striving to include as
many members as possible on stage and off.

Membership costs only c.79pence/week
(£15pa +50p/wk)
Student & Associate (non-acting) membership is £8/year.  
The same cost for several  years!!!  Excellent value for money!

We are fortunate to have a pool of committed, skilled and willing members, all keen to be involved in all
aspects of theatre-craft.
And social events too (see photos elsewhere...)

Westoning Players  run by a committee, elected from our AGM at the end/start of each WP year. ALL
WELCOME to attend
... but only paid up MEMBERS may vote...
NEXT: "Agatha Crusty and the Health Spa Murders" by Derek Webb -  April2019
For GDPR statement; please see foot of this page.
Data Protection (GDPR 2018) and Your Consent

Westoning Players Community Amateur Theatre Group (hereafter WP)
will endeavour to remain compliant with GDPR 2018 and other relevant legislation.

1. Personal data will be used for the operation of the WP drama group ONLY.

2. Personal data will be held securely and will not leave the group.

3. Personal data will be used for:-
•  Membership admin including Social events; Production Working Parties; Group internal information; Rehearsal  notification; member welfare.
•  Patron's information is held by the Secretary for admin/information purposes.

4. Obtaining Consent will be continuous:
•  Confirmed (re-)consent to use member's data will be obtained annually.
•  Confirmed (re-)consent to use member's image (
photo or video) in any/all of: WP publicity, WP website, WP Facebook Twitter feed;
•  Patron's (re-)consent obtained upon annual patronage renewal.

5.  When a member leaves the WP group - the member's Personal Data will be deleted within a half year. Data of Patrons lapsing are deleted
within a half year.

6.  No sensitive data is or will be held.

7.  WP has a child & vulnerable adult protection officer who is an elected committee member.

8.  "Customer" data - of persons purchasing tickets to WP productions is securely held.

Anyone may request a copy of their personal data held as an "SAR" under the Act - from the Secretary.

The Westoning Players are a not-for-profit Community Amateur Theatre Group run by an annually elected management
committee. The scrutinised accounts are opened to inspection annually at the public AGM. Policies are continually
reviewed during periodic (generally monthly) committee meetings.
Westoning Players (What We spend)
For our internal spending, on the stage-sets,
staging, curtains, carpets, costumes,
make-up, lights, sound equipment and so on,
we plough back the surplus money from our

If we need to raise capital, like we have for
our new sectional fore-stage, we get grants
from the Parish Council, Tesco Bags of Help,
and now from the Co-op
"Local Cause"

Thank you one and all.
If you are a CO-OP member, you
can help us raise money to run
our drama club by using your
CO-OP "divvi" to fund our Co-op
local cause project.

Log in and check out your options.

Our Co-op "Local Cause" number
is 28503.