Westoning Players committee (2018-2019):

 The Next committee meeting will be 2pm on Friday 15th March 2019.
      Any member may put items forward for discussion via Hon.Sec. Sheila Walden
# Westoning Players is a community amateur theatre organisation
based in the village of Westoning in Central Bedfordshire.

# Westoning Players are self-financing and run without grants or
subsidies. We run "not-for-profit" with surplus reinvested into
technical materials, sets, costumes, and properties to maintain the
production standards expected by our loyal local audience.

# Westoning Players have a constitution and the organisation is
managed by a committee elected annually.

# The constitution, the committee and the finances of the Westoning
Players are subject to the approval of the membership at an Annual
General Meeting (AGM) held at the start of the WP club season,
running from September to June.
[A copy will be available here soon. All members & patrons should have one.]

Westoning Players are based at the Westoning village hall,
34 Church Road, Westoning Beds MK45 5JL
Function (non-elective)
Nita Foster
Press liaison
Sheila Walden
Patrons liaison
Barry Walden
Claire Jones
Jan Crofts
Vice-Chair & WVHall rep
Paul Lovett
James Crofts
(Website & Facebook)
Neil Debrick
Your committee -  THANK YOU
        Thank you for the blue tokens you put into our box at Tescos...

Your WP Committee have now got us the new, better forestage. (Smaller, lighter sections
for easier handling.)
We thank the Parish Council, the Tesco "Bags of Help" and all our
supporters for the funds to achieve this capital purchase.

Hopefully the wider-spread contributors will see the "Bedfordshire Bulletin" picture
and article.
(Clip below.)

Our next capital project will be to replace the wooden shed with something more
spacious - like a shipping container. Watch this space...